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    • 1st We Build Them, Then What? : The Future of Institutional Repositories 

      Hixson, Carol G., 1955- (University of Oregon Libraries, 2005-11-22)
      The article discusses the current state of IR development and outlines a direction that IRs in the U.S. can effectively take.
    • 2011 Oregon Humanities Center Work in Progress Talk 

      Wacks, David A. (2011-04-11)
      Discussion of how current critical thinking about diasporic culture can bring Judaic studies approaches to Sephardic literature up to date. Examples from 13th century Spanish Hebrew (Sephardic) author Jacob ben Elazar and ...
    • 911 draft 1 

      Long, Robert Hill (Register-Guard, 2001-09-16)
      This sonnet was commissioned by the Eugene Register-Guard for an article in which regional writers and poets responded to the 9/11 attack.
    • About Butpeople 

      Capek, Karel; Comrada, Norma; Comrada, Bean (1934-12-30)
    • About the Verb "To Want" 

      Capek, Karel; Comrada, Norma; Comrada, Bean (Lidové noviny AS, 1931-04-12)
    • About the Word Robot 

      Capek, Karel; Comrada, Norma; Comrada, Bean (Lidové noviny AS, 1993-12-19)
    • Above and Beyond Two Deaths 

      Capek, Karel; Comrada, Norma; Comrada, Bean (Lidové noviny AS, 1927-08-24)
    • Abstinence from Child Labor and Profit Seeking 

      Davies, Ronald B. (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2000-07-01)
      Some firms voluntarily abstain from using child labor, presumably in response to concerns about the welfare of overseas child workers. These firms do not, however, support banning the imports of competitors’ products ...
    • Abu Golgotha 

      Long, Robert Hill (Winning Writers, 2006-11)
      a poem about torture in Iraq + US citizen complicity.
    • Abuse Awareness: Physical and Psychological Health Consequences 

      Goldsmith, R.E.; Freyd, Jennifer J.; DePrince, Anne P. (2006-11)
      Despite established links between child abuse and psychological symptoms such as depression, dissociation, and anxiety, many abuse survivors experience awareness of specific abuse instances or abuse-related symptoms without ...
    • Accessing GIS Data for Oregon through the Internet 

      Nicholson, Andrew; Sproles, Eric (2003-06-19)
      Finding accurate and useful data is one of the biggest challenges in working with GIS. Although free GIS data is available over the internet, few web sites provide an easy-to-use, navigable interface, which allows the user ...
    • Accident probabilities and seat belt usage: A psychological perspective 

      Slovic, Paul; Fischhoff, Baruch; Lichtenstein, Sarah (Accident Analysis and Prevention, 1978)
      Motorists' reluctance to wear seat belts is examined in light of research showing (a) that protective behavior is influenced more by the probability of a hazard than by the magnitude of its consequences and (b) that people ...
    • Acoustic Mitigation Progress 

      Schofield, Robert; Cook, Doug; Takamori, Akiteru; Kern, Jonathan; Kovalik, Joe (2003-08)
    • Acoustic Mitigation Status for S3 

      Schofield, Robert; Cook, Doug; Takamori, Akiteru; Sigg, Daniel; Kern, Jonathan; Kovalik, Joe; Fritschel, Peter; Mason, Ken (2003-11)
    • Adaptive Expectations, Underparameterization and the Lucas Critique 

      Evans, George W., 1949-; Ramey, Garey (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2001-11-29)
      A striking implication of the replacement of adaptive expectations by Rational Expectations was the "Lucas Critique," which showed that expectation parameters, and endogenous variable dynamics, depend on policy parameters. ...
    • Adaptive Learning and Monetary Policy Design 

      Evans, George W., 1949-; Honkapohja, Seppo, 1951- (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2002-11-08)
      We review the recent work on interest rate setting, which emphasizes the desirability of designing policy to ensure stability under private agent learning. Appropriately designed expectations based rules can yield optimal ...
    • Adaptive Learning with a Unit Root: An Application to the Current Account 

      Davies, Ronald B.; Shea, Paul, 1977- (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2006-07-31)
      This paper develops a simple two-country, two-good model of international trade and borrowing that suppresses all previous sources of current account dynamics. Under rational expectations, international debt follows a ...
    • Adaptive Learning, Endogenous Inattention, and Changes in Monetary Policy 

      Branch, William A.; Evans, George W., 1949-; Carlson, John; McGough, Bruce (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2006-06-22)
      This paper develops an adaptive learning formulation of an extension to the Ball, Mankiw and Reis (2005) sticky information model that incorporates endogenous inattention. We show that, following an exogenous increase in ...
    • Adding Serials To Institutional Repositories 

      Grenci, Mary C. (2008-07-14)
      This presentation is a revised and shortened version of the author's presentation to the 17th annual North Carolina Serials Conference, which can be found at:
    • ADHD Symptomatology and Teachers’ Perceptions of Maltreatment Effects 

      Martin, C. Gamache; Cromer, Lisa D.; Filgas-Heck, Regan (2005-11)
      Stimulant medication sales increased 500 percent between 1991 and 1999 (U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, 2000). The American Academy of Pediatrics has called the increase in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ...