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  • Rasmussen, Cheri (2009)
    The 4th grade teachers at CRE participated in the 6 + 1 Writing Traits workshop through out last year. Looking at the scores, there was improvement in the Exceeds/Meets category and a drop in the conditional category. ...
  • Schultz, Dennis (2010-03-09)
    THE GOAL:  In partnership with Philomath SD, LBLESD will implement a two-year research‐based plan to develop and enhance the instructional leadership skills of administrators and building leaders as it relates to effective ...
  • Henderson, Ludean (2009)
    In response to our 2009 “Good to Great” survey that identified the #1 misalignments between the ESD and school districts as communication and decision-making practices, the goal in this plan is: By 10/ 2009 the ESD will ...
  • Tidwell, Amy (2011)
    Goal: To create a schedule that will allow Title 1 supports to move to Tier 3 intervention for students below the 20th percentile on district and state assessments in reading. Goal: To create a schedule that will allow ...
  • Renwick, Tracie (2009)
    The School District will utilize Program Audit data from the 2008-09 school year to develop a detailed Action Plan for K-12 school counseling and guidance programming. This plan will include components that align the ...
  • McCown, Kristen (2009)
    The mission of the Super-Duper Education Service District (SDESD) is to provide consultative and support services to county school districts in order to improve their abilities to meet the educational needs of students. ...
  • Butler, Glen (2009)
    Through increased focus on exercise and athletic activity, this plan hopes to increase instructional proficiency from 35% in the Developing/Secure/Advanced rubric categories in August of 2009 to 95% by June of 2010, as ...
  • Williams, Dawn (2009)
    In the past few years student mobility at Rosedale Elementary has become an increasing concern for office and classroom staff. For the 2008-2009 school year Rosedale began the year with a student population of 580 students. ...
  • Bracco, Andy (2011)
    Goal: Raise oral reading fluency scores for all students at the Ed Center.
  • Birk, Lisa (2009)
    Recent research regarding best practices in mathematics instruction indicates that certain aspects of a mathematics education are critical to the amount of learning that can take place within an academic environment. Most ...
  • Barnes, Stacie (2009)
    There is power in bilingualism. Barriers are broken down between people. Value, respect, and empathy is given to people when you have learned their language. There is common ground and a starting point from which to build. ...
  • Lampert, Dee (2009)
    The goal of this plan is to increase the total number of positive behavior slips received by all at-risk students to a ratio of at least 5:1: Five positive behavior slips to every one inappropriate behavior slip.
  • Wubbold, Mark (2010-03-09)
    The goal of this plan is to replace commercially produced curriculum in Oregon schools with curriculum created by Oregon teachers, to Oregon standards.
  • Boehme, Joshua (2009)
    Almost all students enjoy recess, going outside, being with friends. Creating a safe environment for all students is a main focus at Jewell Elementary. Looking at our data, this is especially true during less structured ...
  • Simmons, Jeff (2009)
    Peer-reviewed educational research has consistently demonstrated that a positive school climate is associated with academic achievement, effective risk prevention efforts and positive youth development. The goal of this ...
  • Kelley, Steve (2010-03-09)
    The South Umpqua School District will create a comprehensive draft of essential outcomes for reading, writing and math for grades K – 12 by June 30, 2010.
  • Bates, Jim (2009)
    The specific goal is to implement and advance the instructional use of document cameras and digital projectors in the classroom.

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