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  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2005-11-22)
    The article discusses the current state of IR development and outlines a direction that IRs in the U.S. can effectively take.
  • Hixson, Carol G.; Banush, David; Cristan, Ana (Program for Cooperative Cataloging, 2002)
    Edited by Carol Hixson, David Banush, and Ana Cristan, with contributions by PCC Standing Committee on Training and BIBCO Operations Committee.
  • Hixson, Carol G. (Carol Hixson, 1984-08-22)
    Will library patrons be receptive to an online catalog? In a study at Bryn Mawr College Library, users' perceptions of the existing card catalog and their attitudes towards computers were investigated in an attempt to ...
  • Hixson, Carol G.; Harper, Corey A. (University of Oregon. Libraries, 2004-04-15)
    The presentation provides an overview of how to build a digital collection using CONTENTdm® software. It discusses specifically how to establish field properties, reviews the administrative interface and Dublin Core mapping, ...
  • Hixson, Carol G. (2003-05-15)
    A presentation made at the Oregon Library Association Annual Conference, March 25, 2001 to report on the Library of Congress Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Milennium ...
  • Hixson, Carol G.; Canaan, Judith P.; Darling, Karen; Johanson, Cinder; Kimberly, Laura; Letarte, Karen; Medeiros, Norm; Wendler, Robin (American Library Association, ALCTS and the University of Oregon Libraries, 2003-08-08)
    This proposal was prepared by the Continuing Education Task Force (CETF) in response to a charge to “prepare a model curriculum for continuing education in cataloging of e-resources and metadata” which should “address a ...
  • Jenkins, Barbara; Breakstone, Elizabeth; Hixson, Carol G. (2005)
    The development of institutional repositories has typically involved administrative and technical staff from libraries and campuses, with little input from reference librarians and subject specialists. Reference librarians ...
  • Hixson, Carol G. (Serials Review, 2001)
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2005-01-16)
    Provides an overview of the development of digital collections at the University of Oregon Libraries using CONTENTdm software. Presented at the OCLC Forum: Real Successes: CONTENTdm for Digital Collection Management, January ...
  • Hixson, Carol G.; Ubé González, José Manuel; Olry de Labry y Lima, Juan Miguel (Fundación Alonso Quijano, 2006-07)
    Interview conducted in Madrid May 22, 2006 and published in the periodical, Mi Biblioteca, as part of the Verano 2006 issue. Reproduced here with permission of the publishers.
  • Hixson, Carol G.; Ellis, Jill (Nebraska Library Association--College and University Section, 1985-04-26)
    The concept of comparable worth is attracting more attention around the country as diverse groups bring pressure for an evaluation of the methods by which an employer or society as a whole determines the value of a particular ...
  • Breakstone, Elizabeth; Briston, Heather; Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2005-07-07)
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2005-03-15)
    Provides an overview of the development of digital collections at the University of Oregon Libraries using CONTENTdm software. Prepared for March 15, 2005 OCLC Speakers Series webcast. This is a reworked and expanded ...
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2006-05-04)
    Presented as a half-day pre-conference at the 2006 NASIG Conference in Denver, Colorado, May 4, 2006. For program details, visit the conference web site at:
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2006-01-21)
    Discusses some of the challenges of applying Dublin Core metadata for digital collections. Title courtesy of Marion Obar, Metadata and Digital Library Services, University of Oregon Libraries.
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2005-05-20)
    Specialists in serials have been dealing with the effects of an imbalance in the scholarly communication process for some time. The increase in scholarly output coupled with the decreasing ability of libraries to provide ...
  • Harper, Corey A.; Georgitis, Nathan; Hixson, Carol G. (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2003-10-01)
    This paper documents the development of a digital library of still images created by photographer Lee Moorhouse on the Umatilla Indian Reservation at the turn of the 20th century. The University of Oregon Libraries, working ...
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Regina Library, 2007-03-29)
    Presentation on the rationale, technical issues, policies, resources, and marketing needed to implement an institutional repository. Presented March 29, 2007 as a pre-conference at the 16th North Carolina Serials Conference, ...
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon Libraries, 2005-09-22)
    Un seminario en la implementación de repositorios institucionales utilizando la experiencia en la Universidad de Oregon, con el estudio del caso “Scholars’ Bank”. “Scholars’ Bank” es un robusto y creciente archivo para ...
  • Hixson, Carol G. (University of Oregon, 2006-05)
    Presentations given in Spain at: the Universidad Complutense de Madrid on May 22, 2006, the Regional Public Library in Toledo on May 23, and the 10th Jornades Catalanes d’Informació i Documentació in Barcelona on May 25. ...

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